Precarious Kites
(Grace Notes)
About Magic

Movie Backings, Wow, and the Space Shuttle
She worked for a movie backings company. The elevator opened on the top floor of a warehouse on the old MGM studio lot. The ceilings were dizzying, rising hundreds of feet in the air. The floors where cut with slits and through those slits, after maneuvering ropes and tie-downs, huge blots of canvas rose – pulled up until each could be unfurled like a shade. When they dropped, you were in Central Park or downtown Washington DC or over the San Francisco Bay. Here the backdrops for movies were made.
Real Engineers, Flying with God, and the Big Blast
The dust is puffing at your feet. Little pancake pats of it swell and settle like dry dragon breaths each time you fidget in boredom. “Okay – we’re ready!” yells someone’s father, and all the kids come running from their diversions, through the weed-tired field.
All Things Seen, Unseen, and Magic
My sons have a spelling machine. You can type in a word, spelled terrifically wrong, and the little hand-held device will spit out the correct spelling, complete with definitions. They’d had it about 9 minutes when things got quiet.