Grace Notes
A hopeful newspaper column ~ by Natalie Costanza-Chavez
Grace Notes
Reader and Editor Quotes

"Your columns speak to a great many people on both sides of the left-right divide and I commend you for that.  I like your spunk and your thinking. You have a readership, kid, the kind of loyal readership newspapers used to fight for and brag about...."

Barrie Hartman, retired Editor, Boulder Daily Camera

"I love your writing - it's like Barbara Kingsolver and Anne Lamott, the kind of writing that makes other writers gnash their teeth and want to do better...."

Kristen Browning-Blas, Food Editor, The Denver Post

"My goodness, you are wise. These are fabulous columns in that they turn what we think we know on its head.  They are lovingly heretical. Loving enough to push people on to more thoughtful ways of being in/with/through their spirituality. You are offering your readers a great treasure...."

Dr. Paul Heilker, Professor of English, Virginia Tech University

“Your writing is beautiful, Natalie. I am totally impressed, a state that is obviously shared with your readers. Syndication would be the opening to just about every newspaper in the land, including ours.”  

Al Martinez, The Los Angeles Times

"These columns are so beautifully written; your words are those that grab the heart. You are very much the poet....

Judge, Colorado Press Women's Association Contest, 2006

"It is rare for a columnist to reach men as easily as women and cause every reader – from the preacher to the scientist – to pause and contemplate the message. Natalie is that rare bird whose words enlighten, strengthen and empower. Grace Notes is a clip-it-out-and-send-it-on column; the kind you paste in scrap books or plaster all over your refrigerator. Like a jumbo box of popcorn at the movie theater, Grace Notes is best when shared."



Maggie Hall Walsh - editor, journalist, writer

“Grace Notes has added a critical component to the pages of Fort Collins Weekly, a reminder that despite our differences and diversity of opinion we’re spiritually bound as a community. Natalie’s wit, insight and humor provide our readers with a much-needed opportunity for reflection and pause. It’s like a weekly reset button for your soul in an increasingly hectic world.”

Greg Campbell, Editor in Chief, The Fort Collins Weekly, award winning author of Blood Diamonds

 "The poetic quality of your writing draws the reader in and you don't disappoint. Your lyrical writing is calming and you connect with the reader. It was almost impossible to choose only one of your columns to take first place."

Judge, Colorado Press Women's Association Contest, 2007