Precarious Kites
(Grace Notes)

Dear Readers,

Grace Notes Column*  looks a little different. All of the past columns are still here, but it was time for a name change.  Precarious Kites is a phrase I took from a column I wrote in 2012 –  the name fits the writing I’m doing now. 

       Some days I hold the kites, and twirl the strings around my fingers, expertly and untangled – a full fan of bright quadrilaterals, vibrant with soar and height - Some days I’m afraid they’ll all fly away from me in pieces, strings pulling, insistent - Most days I pray to let go of nothing vital, nothing that needs me, nothing of value or worth - Most days are good days; the gusts curl up and lay low, the breeze curves around, a swirl.  Days of Precarious Kites 

The last Grace Notes column I published was on May 25, 2012, after my father was diagnosed with cancer (Navigating a New Cancer Diagnosis). Our son Lucas was a junior in high school and his brother, Gabriel, was a sophomore. My father died this past October, 2015. This fall, Lucas will begin his forth year of college and Gabriel his third. My husband and I are still learning how the house sounds with them gone.  For now, I often look at a small card I tucked above my desk years ago. It says:

                                                      "I offer you music and song....."

* (For anyone new to this site, Grace Notes was a weekly, Sunday, newspaper column that first ran in the Fort Collins Coloradoan in 2004.  From there it went on to run in various other papers: The Denver Post, The Greeley Tribune, Fort Collins Weekly, The Reporter Herald, The North Forty News, The Redstone Review, Vail Daily, and The Santa Cruz Sentinel.  I stopped publishing Grace Notes in 2012.  The name of the column came from the musical term, grace note, a note added above the staff, usually an ornament or a trill.)        

 “Deep in the house the boys trill and vibrate – they will grow in a blink, in a breath, in “the click of a mouse” as my son says. I will never be as good as I want to be. But, God plants his foot in the music – anyway and always – all we need to do is want to sing as best we can.”  Trill – 12/27/2004