Precarious Kites
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3/14/12 We Are Not A Christian Nation
Where did the idea come from that people of faith have been excluded from serving in our government? The supposition is insulting to the the many men and women, of varied faiths, who have spent lifetimes serving the government of the United States. It’s a presidential election year and so the subjects that tend to froth people up – the social and religious ones - are being whipped into overblown, manipulative, and dishonest attempts to get votes.  


Loving an Old Dog
He spent the first year of his life tied up in a feed lot; his young owners had no time for him and he wasn’t allowed in the house. When Kathy, from Border Collie Rescue, ended up with him, she thought he’d be one of the best cattle dogs she’d ever have – after all, he’d spent his young months in the crowded quarters with many, many cows.
Mar 1, 2012


 2/5/2012 Hospice House and Light
The one story house, low slung across a lot longer than it is deep, was built by Joseph Eichler, an architect of the 1950’s. It’s surrounded by other Eichler’s on a street named after a poem, in what seems to be an iconic California neighborhood. Hydrangeas bloom fat and effortlessly, their giant pom-pom flowers popping in yard after yard. Persimmon trees hover over small yards, blue agapanthus, hummingbirds.


 1/28/12 - Jumping Jack Flash
This column is about the Rolling Stones and my neighbor Larry in his yellow snow slicker. It’s not about politics. Really.


1/4/2012 - Moving Slowly – A Resolution
It is days before Christmas and my father and I are in Target. The lines, of course, are long and the only way to get through is to breathe in, breathe out, and willingly give some of your minutes over to waiting. Fretting does no good. Ill-will doesn’t make the line move faster, or the young ones behind you less cranky, or the cashier bleep and blip over the bar codes faster.


A Gift for You
It is crackling cold – icicles days old, no melt in sight, snow dry as sand, streets like rinks; all day you try to walk carefully, carefully, precisely and balanced like a big horned sheep.