Precarious Kites
(Grace Notes)
The In-Between
(Death and the In-Between)

Good Grief and Ghosts
Right after grandmother died last summer, I wandered around my parent’s house worrying that I’d never feel her again. I shared this only with my husband because my penchant for thinking I feel my dead people annoys the rest of my family. “What if I can’t ever feel her? What if she’s all the way gone?
The Something-To-Do and the Do-Nothing
Someone is in a hospital bed. Someone is in wait of healing – it may come. It may not. Perhaps all will pass in an exhale of “Whew’ and “Wow – that was awful –I’m so glad you are better.” Perhaps it won’t.
Fireflies and the Pope
The way I figure it, I had just walked by the carts full of leftover Easter Peeps and wax confetti eggs, and made it to the pile of pineapples in the produce section, when the Pope died. Had I known, I may just have put my pineapple down sighed in relief and clapped gently right there by the bananas.
Blazingly Heretical
She was twelve when Teddy Meyer gave her a ring. His mistake was asking for it back. First, she took a hammer to it – slamming it flat, then she marched across a damp field to deposit it smack in the middle of a cow paddy.
Ghost Lines
I believe in ghosts. Not the boo-woo Casper creatures that swoosh through dark hallways transparent and ghastly, but ghosts nonetheless. Once, years ago, my father’s only brother was very sick. My Dad was deep in the corralling one does around a loved one in danger, deep in the “to do’s” and “what if’s” and “what then’s” when he said: